One basic cornerstone of business growth is the need to cultivate new audiences for existing products.

As we’ve mentioned before, our client Ouidad is quite adept at creating hair care products that work wonders for those who otherwise struggle to tame their curls.  And while her core customer base is adult women, Ouidad long ago realized that most of these women were also mothers whose children’s curly hair needed just as much TLC.

So… voilaOuidad became a brand that was also kid-friendly!

But what happens when those kids become teens?  Does their attitude toward Ouidad as a brand begin to change?

To help navigate these waters, Ouidad highlighted yet another upside of her products: they don’t just provide a service; they solve problems.

Parents love Ouidad because her products allow them to style their childrens’ hair with no tears.  But teens love Ouidad because her products allow them to style themselves — with confidence!

Teens are a tricky demographic.  Marketing to teens is often like trying to hit a moving target that hasn’t yet made up its own mind about where it wants to go next.  But Ouidad removes some of that uncertainty by solving a key problem: her products grant teens the power to feel better about themselves.  Rather than viewing Ouidad as a trend or an option, they’re invited to embrace Ouidad as a solution.

Does your brand solve problems?  If so, your customers want to view you as more than just a line item on their shopping list; they want to consider you their ally against life’s uncertainties.  That’s a bond that even teens will remember well into adulthood — and it’s the kind of brand equity you can’t invent simply by positioning your products as a trend.