Got a mailer yesterday which I found interesting because it falls into the same category as my last entry which is, in my words, the power of the internet is unleashing the dregs of the earth and the con artists. 

This flyer said “Valorie gets a free conference invitation to learn how to earn income by attending the internet training conference.”  They have logos from ebay, yahoo, google and msn. 

At first you think wow here is something that could be interesting but when you look closer and see that the only contact is an 800# (with no website to check them out…hey wait, I thought they were internet based!) and that the confernece is at a Holiday Inn (sorry holiday inn) and that you get a free business organizer that has actual hard copy pages in it, then you must know it is a scam.

Does ebay know about them?  Does google know about them?  Does yahoo know about them?  How about MSN?  I don’t think so!

For a legitimate learning experience, you can attend the Business Smart Tools Conference where legit companies come and speak on how they are using the internet to gain more exposure and to bring on more clients.  GE, Hearst, BusinessWeek to name a few are supporters of this conference.  Xeorx is speaking next year.

You can also call Creative Concepts directly to learn more about social media and public relations and how you can leverage the internet to futher your business goals.

My team and I, Valorie Luther, will work with you to not only investigate all of the opportunities existing for you but we will also work hard to preserve your hard earned reputation by making the right choices for your firm.

Call 203.259.4202 or email  We are in Fairfield, Ct but can work with you wherever you are…we are virtual and international!