Photo by eysteina, which comes with a great story.

Mathematically, business is all about profit.  And, subconsciously, we all understand this.  But when the holidays roll around, people get so inundated with sales messages that they become desperate for an emotional life raft that can reconnect them with their own greater humanity.

Could that life raft be your brand?

Here at Creative Concepts, we’re huge proponents of humanizing your brand.  We believe that people want to do business with (surprise!) other humans, and that any effort you can make to remind your customers that your company is still a group of people who are just like them will help them feel better about doing business with you.

So why not consider the holidays to be your opportunity to say “thank you”?

Whether you’re a small business or an international conglomerate, you’re still people.  So instead of focusing on coupons, sweepstakes or clearance sales as your way of rewarding your team, why not send a holiday message that’s focused less on dollars and more on sense?

What if your company’s blog hosted a Thanksgiving message from your customers, detailing what they’re thankful for?

What if you asked your vendors for their New Year’s resolutions, and used them as a springboard for a larger conversation about goals and dreams on Facebook or Twitter?

What if your company’s Christmas or Hanukkah cards were hand-signed by all of your employees?

By incorporating the voices of the people who aren’t usually front-and-center in your messaging, you’ll remind your customers, your vendors and your employees just how much you respect, honor and value them — as people.