Hello hello, yes I have been busy trying to catch up from visiting lots of cool customers who are having lots of amazing conversations about the internet and how to use it…yahoo is all I can say…give me a pillow is what I say too.

Here is something to note:  came across this blog entry from Ted Jenkins.  At one point in this blog, I listed all of the demo companies for the Business Smart Tools conference.  One of the goals for the conference was to showcase new companies that could enhance various processes in business or provide a completely new product or service for the corporate community.  Ted listed these companies as tech PR tools which is incorrect.  I tried to make a comment on his blog but you need a password to leave a note…Hey Ted, check out the companies so you can learn more about them, Hey Ted, is that really blog when you don’t allow others to make a comment?  Just curious!

On another note, check out Helloworld.  I would give you the link but I like you too much.  It isn’t that the product they offer is bad because video anything is very hot right now (they do web based streaming video solutions) but what is truly scary is how they are trying to make money.  It feels like Amway all over again.  Two guys called me before the conference saying that they wanted to talk to me and they wanted to be involved.  OK, that is valid but I said it was too late to participate but they could come as attendees.  They had no time for that..they kept talking about….you know I can’t remember what they said but they did not listen to me and they talked a lot!  Not a great beginning!  Later, I realized that they make money mostly via pyramid scheme.  They care more about bringing on people to sell vs. being passionate about their product. 

You know that social media is heating up when it brings these kinds of characters to the surface.