Ecover's offices in France

Right now, I am living in a Green world.

We have just brought on a new client, Ecover.  While I knew when we first met that they were a good company doing good things, I didn’t realize just how great they were!

It began with our all-day science lesson, where we literally learned about the “smarter science” of their products.  I can’t even begin to go into it all right now, which is why you’ll have to link over to their blog once it is set up (soon, I promise).

The next event in my new, greener world came when our team got to test some of Ecover’s products — which was great because we’ve already been using green products in our house for a couple of years.

I always speak well of our clients (it’s so easy to do!), but I am not kidding about Ecover… our clothes have never been cleaner, our hands so soft and fresh and our dishes are sparkling.  Did I mention the part about clean clothes?  I still can’t get over the difference between Ecover’s laundry detergent and the conventional brands we’ve bought at the local grocery store.

So now I’m lovin’ these guys even more, which makes our lives easier as we start to build their online content.

We’re helping Ecover create blog entries and Tweets galore about how this ecological (and economical) company started 30 years ago, well before it was cool to be “green.”  (Great facts abound about their products and their sustainable workspaces and factories.)

So today, I got to expand my green world yet again by researching “green,” “farm-to-table,” “sustainable” restaurants in New York City for an event we’ll be doing in November.  While there are a couple of homey places that may be good for a casual night out, they don’t seem like the right fit for an event like we’re envisioning.  For Ecover, we really only identified two possibilities for our November soiree: a hotel and restaurant, and a high-end restaurant uptown.

I would have thought there would be more options because, after all, aren’t we all living in a green consciousness these days?

Which brings me to some questions about the green world.

Many people understand why green is better, but they oddly aren’t fully investing in it.  Why?  Are there misconceptions?

Lack of knowledge about what phosphates can do to our water supply?

Is the pricing out of control?

Do the products really work?

In chatting with Harris Interactive, with whom we are working to conduct a survey about the green cleaning industry (and who have already done a fair amount of their own research), we’ve learned that the majority of people polled consider green products to be more expensive and, therefore, not always their top choice.  They also think green products are not as effective as regular chemical-based cleaing products.


Through the Ecover blog and Twitter account, we’ll help to dispell these “green myths” and celebrate our socially responsible and ecological client who has the products that put the clean into green.  I can’t wait because my green world has just expanded, and thanks to Ecover, it will happen for you, too!