Ecover Earth Day
Kipling from Ecover greets guest Majora Carter

This year, to mark Earth Day, Creative Concepts‘ client Ecover hosted “Bringing Earth Day Home,” a chic yet homey cocktail event in New York City, designed to showcase the products and the brand with a larger overriding theme of showing how the attendees could live a sustainable and stylish lifestyle. Guests mixed and mingled with Ecover’s Kipling and with eco-celebrity interior designer and host of the event Robin Wilson while sipping organic wine and noshing on organic hors d’oeuvres and desserts and locally-sourced cheeses. Various experts shared tips on greening home life, and Ecover sent guests home with re-usable goody bags full of cleaning products.

Ecover Earth Day
Goody bags from the Ecover “Bringing Earth Day Home” event

Real-life meet-ups personalize a brand by putting a face and a voice with the product. Events like “Bringing Earth Day Home” are invaluable to brands; they allow consumers to see how products and services can be part of their everyday life. They also offer brands — or, more specifically, the people behind them — the opportunity to interact with their target audience in a genuine, spontaneous way. Forging that real-life, face-to-face connection is key to building brand recognition. Social media offers brands an invaluable way to connect with consumers outside of a brick-and-mortar store — in their own homes, in fact, or in the car or wherever they are connecting with their networks. Ultimately, though, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting with customers and clients.

Ecover Earth Day
Ecover Products featured at the “Bringing Earth Day Home” event

“We so believe in the power of social media,” says Valorie Luther, founder of Creative Concepts. “Our clients get to reach out to their customers and make a difference whether they are sharing expert information or answering questions.  But we also believe in meeting customers face to face, which our clients are doing with interesting intimate events that build off of what has been established online.  The event  we just produced for Ecover was all about sharing sustainable and stylish tips with the guests (which included great food and wine).  Attendees walked away with full size Ecover products in their goody bags which we know from experience makes an impact.  When you combine the online efforts with offline meetings, a brand has made a difference!”

Taking the time to meet face-to-face with clients and consumers is key to building a successful brand. Creative Concepts is committed to the idea that social media allows companies to connect with consumers on a daily basis, but we also believe that going the extra mile and hosting an in-person event is the final step in connecting with the very consumer who has helped you build your business.  It’s a thank you….and the perfect way to say how much you appreciate their support.

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All photos by Kate Eiseman