Story of my life:  Oh I’ll just go on Facebook for five minutes.  An hour later: still there.  I’m frequently distracted from my homework as I creep on my friends’ pictures and profiles, and sometimes connect with old friends and family I haven’t seen with a while.  Not to mention the fact that I’m constantly lured back to Facebook by the group my AP Language and Composition class has created with our teacher for class discussion, changes in assignments and posting homework.  It’s safe to say that, as a teenager, Facebook is the largest mode of communication.  Practically everyone I know has a Facebook profile, and if they don’t, they’re out of the loop.

While I mostly use Facebook for social purposes, I’ll occasionally connect to a brand or like a page.  Because I don’t like unnecessary clutter on my newsfeed, I really only connect to the brands that I know and love outside of Facebook.   For example, Gossip Girl, and America’s Next Top Model are examples of two brands that I’ve connected to.  I am a religious Gossip Girl watcher.  No matter what is going on, even if I haven’t finished my homework, I will watch the show, and the fact that their Facebook page is so active makes it even better!!!!  For the nights when I am busy, and can’t watch the show, GG posts a link where you can watch the episode for free!  Constant updates and pictures prior to episodes make me excited to watch (not that I wasn’t already!).  Honestly, I don’t actually visit the pages of any brands on Facebook.  If an update shows up on my newsfeed, then I’ll look, but if it doesn’t, then there are probably zero chances that I’ll go look at what the brand is doing on their page.  The brands that are relatively inactive on Facebook are ones that I will probably disconnect from later on, since the connection hasn’t been worth it.

Image via Gossip Girl Facebook Page

But trust me, the brands that invest time in promoting themselves on Facebook (where probably a large majority of teenagers spend their time), win in the end.  They’re the brands I’ll stick to and support even more, just like Gossip Girl!!