Ethics is defined in the dictionary as the study of the general nature of morals (the choice between good and bad in human nature) and of the specific moral choices to be made by the individual in his (and her) relationship with others.

In the mission statement for Creative Concepts,LLC, my company, the final line is Ethical behavor is our first value.

So in other words (my words), ethical means choosing to do the right thing, being true to your word both in following through with an action or paying someone the agreed upon amount and/or paying on time. Ethical means that no matter what transpires and no matter who is doing the wrong thing around you, you continue to stay on a virtuous path.

This has come to mind recently. I am planning a “New Media” conference for June. I have asked a superstar of the blogging world to speak. He doesn’t know me, he has never heard of me, he can barely check on me because my website is still under contruction, he can check the google search and see some things, but still he is in CA, I am in CT, he doesn’t know me.

He brought it to my attention that he doesn’t know me and how will he know that I can follow through with my committment to him? It was a valid question. I gave him my response (a mission statement and rough overview of the event which showed my passion and committment for this forum) which he is fine with for now, but no doubt he will be holding his breath until he meets me and I hand over the check.

As sad as his doubts may be in human nature (and he has every reason to feel that way), it is a constant struggle in life to stay true and to find the truth around you. The good news is that an ethical business person always wins over the ones who choose otherwise. Ethics always win in the long run. It may take awhile in some instances, but a person with ethics can be trusted and relied on and in the end of a life, a career, a business, that is all you have: respect for how you have conducted yourself.

Ethical behavior is the first value for Creative Concepts, LLC and for Valorie Luther, Founder of this emerging PR and Marketing firm.