Multiple Reflections by mafleen

Let’s say that, until now, you’ve had one small team (or even one single person) be responsible for your company’s entire social media presence.  And now that things are going well, you want to expand.  Maybe that means involving more people.  If so, consider this:

Your existing customers are used to what you’ve been doing.  If they wake up tomorrow and find themselves talking to someone completely new — and if they can tell — you risk a disconnect that might jeopardize your customers’ trust and emotional investment in your brand.

Here at Creative Concepts, we have a variety of writers, researchers, content creators and account managers juggling dozens of different tasks every day.  But no matter how many people are assisting our clients with their messaging, there’s one standard we must all adhere to:

We all have to be working from the same process, and toward the same goal.

That means we take steps to ensure that anyone who’s working on any aspect of a client’s communications is following the same rules, and staying apprised of the same topical developments, as everyone else.  This includes…

  • Creating our own internal user manual for Twitter, with tips and suggestions for navigating various situations.
  • Tracking industry-specific client-related news that might need to be addressed in the future.
  • Assigning specific messaging tasks to the individuals best-suited for the nuances of each channel.
  • Multiple layers of editing, so every message is reviewed by as many eyes as possible.
  • Internal metric sharing, so each of us can analyze data and compare our individual conclusions.


Why do we do this?

Because it’s important that our clients be served by as many well-rounded service providers as possible.  But it’s equally important to us that our clients’ customers feel as though their Twitter, blog, Facebook, YouTube and other branded social media experiences are all built with the same building blocks, rather than feeling like disparate voices are being smashed together around a common topic.

Whether your social media messaging is being piloted by 2 people or 200, consistency is key.  No one trusts white noise.

How are you making sure the image of your brand is consistent in the minds of your customers?

Image by mafleen