David’s on and giving us a sneak peek at Thursday’s column. Should I tell?

In his speech, he’s telling us how he went to Times Square to interview folks to see if they’ve heard about blogs. Over half of them knew what a blog was, but very few actually read them.

A blog is a web page, frequently updated.

Blogosphere is a giant bell curve. On the left, amateurs who found out how easy it is. Many amateur blogs are created every minute.
He’s giving an example on how to create a blog on Blogger, which is what people do who have personal blogs.

Take home on blogging: Had the blog for a year and a half, with no comments, no images. No one noticed it. Finally the Times got a good blogging package. “Suddenly, people are reading this thing!”

On the other end of the blogosphere are the commercial blogs.

Meanness of the blogosphere:

He gets free items and services for review purposes. After he’s done the article, he has to return the item. Once, he wrote about someone fixing his hard drive for free. Bloggers took what one person wrote and turned it into “David Pogue accepting bribes for good reviews.”

This spun out of control — he was a victim of a blog attack.

People who read blogs, tend to be media people, influencers, “movers and shakers.” They amplify what they hear in the mainstream media.

He feels that there are two worlds of blogs –“innocent and gentle amateurs” and “mean, commercial” blogs.

He talked about podcasting and showed us his funny video about podcasting.

He ended by attaching a keyboard, and doing a song spoof: “Hello, voice mail, my old friend.” (Take off on Sound of Silence).

Update: I love David Parmet’s comments about David Pogue’s talk.