Yes, it’s still Sabine, live blogging from the conference.
David Parmet is speaking on blogging at the Business Smart Tools conference.

He’s been busy live blogging, too, and uploading pictures as well.

What is the internet now? The internet is a physical space, a read/write web, social media. Tools are cheap and easy. It’s all about the aggregators (where you’re watching your media — computer, ipod, mobile devices).

Hugh Macleod came up with the phrase the Global Microbrand. A blog is a communications channel, not a sales channel.

With blogs, small companies can become global brands.

Big compies can talk with a human voice. Microsoft, Boing, GM, Sun.

He showed us the example of English Cut, the blog by Saville Row tailor Thomas Mahon. This blog has enormously increased his business.

People like to talk, and the internet gives them a venue — blogs, podcasts.

Also places like Amazon, where you can put in user reviews. Social media is not about the content as much as about connection.

The long tail: is a demand curve. In the traditional retail model, can only afford to stock the hits, the most popular stuff. But, Amazon has infinite shelf space, and found that they were selling as much of the non-popular stuff, in the aggregate, as the popular stuff.