A few years ago, we helped our client, Bigelow Tea, produce a video showing viewers how to naturally decaffeinate an ordinary teabag.  (Why would someone do this? Because sometimes a cafe doesn’t have your favorite flavor in a decaf version, so wouldn’t it be great to reduce that caffeine level all by yourself?)

There was just one problem: the metrics Bigelow cited in that video were outdated.  Newer studies had clarified the expected levels of caffeine after natural decaffeination, and they differed from the numbers in the video.

Fortunately, one astute viewer noticed this discrepancy and brought it to Bigelow’s attention.

Even better?  Bigelow listened.

Initially, they hoped they could fix those numbers with updated graphics, but there was no way around the numbers Cindi Bigelow herself was saying aloud throughout the how-to section.

So, in the end, they opted to have Creative Concepts (that’s us) reshoot the whole video and replace it across all video outlets.  Cindi even tracked two of the most recent studies the night before the video was filmed, just to ensure that the numbers were still in line.

In Bigelow’s view, sharing accurate information is far more important than cutting corners.  They pride themselves on providing their customers with insights and information they can count on, and when those facts and figures are in dispute, they take their corrections very seriously.

How committed to clarity is your company?  (And are they listening to their customers to make sure their messages are being heard… and heard correctly?)

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