I am lucky.  On December 15th, amid anxious high school seniors awaiting decisions from multiple colleges, I got into Yale, my first choice. Of course, following that night, there was a flurry of all things Yale.  Scrutinize the “Admitted Students” website, “Like” Yale University on Facebook, find my Yale group for the Class of 2016 on Facebook, buy a sweatshirt and water bottle at their school store, make my way off of Cloud 9 at some point (or never).

Yale on Facebook is great.  Every once in a while, an update from Yale appears on my newsfeed.  Varying from discussing the amount of snow Yale got, to the Yale Center for British Art, to sustainability at Yale, an economic professor’s view on the Eurozone crisis, thoughts for the New Year, ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes to icons such as Edith Wharton and Mozart and even types of food featured in Yale dining halls. Every time I see an update from Yale, I am amazed a little bit more about the school that I’ll be attending in the fall.

In this age of social media, I, as a rising college freshman, no longer have to wait to meet my fellow classmates at orientation which way back when was the day before classes started. Now, for most colleges, efforts are made to encourage connections online before school starts. So, thankfully, the Yale Class of 2016 Facebook group exists. We discuss things such as ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’, ‘Favorite Disney movies,’ ‘How crucial are naps to your high school survival?,’ the State of the Union, Republican candidates vs. Obama, discussing who’s done something stupid in front of their friends and received the “You got into Yale?” response, the Giants, voting for the first time, the perks of senioritis and our love for Yale in general.

Because of this group I get to see how exceptional my fellow classmates are, and I get a little more excited every day for when we’ll all finally be attending Yale together both online (I am sure we will still chat in our group after school begins) and offline when classes actually do begin!  Can’t wait.

Image via Business Insider