press release ideasBelieve it or not, most businesses have newsworthy information to share with the media on a regular basis.

The key is understanding what type of information local, regional, trade and national news outlets find of value and then providing the relevant information about your business.

75% of journalists find targeted, well-written news releases useful, according to a recent survey by Oriella PR Network, an alliance of 15 PR agencies from around the world.

Other than typical product or service announcements, here are a few additional press release ideas for your business:


  • Community. Is your business participating in a community event?
  • Philanthropy. Does your company support a local or national charity?
  • Research. Have you conducted a study in your industry that you can share?
  • Promotions. Are you running any special promotions on your product or service?
  • Expansion. Is your business growing? Have you opened a new location?
  • News Trends. Are there any trends in the news that are relevant to your business?
  • Go Green. Are your business practices eco-friendly?
  • Milestone. Are you celebrating a milestone like an anniversary?
  • Technology. Have you implemented a new system and seen major improvements?
  • Marketing. Are you running a contest? Are you participating in an event or trade show?


  • Community Outreach. Are your employees contributing to the community in unique ways outside of work?
  • Rewards. Do you have an employee recognition program?
  • HR. Is your company culture different than other businesses in your industry?
  • Awards. Has an employee won an award in or out of the office?
  • Educational Outreach. Do you have an internship program with a local school or university?
  • Expert. Is an employee or executive published or speaking at an event? Do they write a blog?


  • New Partner. Have you partnered with other companies in the industry?
  • New Program. Have you launched a partner or affiliate program?
  • Award. Have you given a partner an award or certification? Have you received one from a partner?


  • New Use. Have you discovered a new use for your product from a customer?
  • New Customer Win. Showcase a new customer win (be sure to get permission from customer first.)
  • Customer Case Studies. These work well for industry publications. If you sell to different industries, try to create a case study for each industry and notify relevant industry publications.
  • Training. Do you offer webinars and other resources to help train and support customers?
  • Customer Support. Is your customer support program doing things differently in the industry?
Once you begin brainstorming, you’ll find that press release ideas will start flowing. Talk with employees, customers and partners regularly and keep lines of communication open and see what develops!