Green with envy is an understatement in describing how I felt regarding my friends with iPhones…because I didn’t have one.  They had cool apps, could access Facebook from school (shhh don’t tell anyone) and easily group message each other among other things.  I resented that I couldn’t read the group messages (if you have a regular phone, you don’t get copied on the texts from everyone in the group so basically I missed half the texts which included invites to parties, homework tips and more) or take awesome pictures to name a few problems.  Naturally, as much as I got annoyed with friends who did have iPhones, I wanted one so badly that I probably would have sold an arm and a leg just to have one.

FINALLY, the much hoped for day came…and I got an iPhone!  Immediately I sent a group message to all my friends who did have iPhones complete with an overabundance of exclamation points and tons of emoticons.  And as I sat in the parking lot of Verizon messing around with my new phone (I know, couldn’t even make it home first, oh well), it became even clearer that there is nothing like the iPhone—no phone out today even compares.

My favorite app of all is Instagram.  I can’t claim to be a “hipster” or “artsy” at all, so the fact that it makes my (lame) photos actually look good is probably the best thing since Facebook and Twitter.  And besides “a photo is worth a thousand words” so a quick picture to share or from someone’s life is just another way of staying connected.  Another plus about using my iPhone is that I am awful with directions and finding my way around (even in my own town getting to a friend’s house is sometimes a challenge).  Helloooooo Maps!  With a start position as “Current Location,” my life actually just got ten times easier because now I can find my way around anywhere!  And besides the obvious usage of Facebook and Twitter, other favorite apps include Flashlight (now I’ll always be able to see where I’m going in the dark), Pandora Radio, Snapchat (for sending photos to friends who can only view the photos for a few seconds), and Scramble with Friends (most addicting game ever).  At this point, the only thing I have to say is…GO TEAM iPHONE.

Image via Apple Store