Okay let’s be honest. Everyone likes things that make them look good. A little confidence boost never hurt anyone…right? Because that’s what Instagram is here for! Apply the Amaro filter, maybe Lo-fi, Inkwell, or Nashville, blur the photo a little bit and you’ve got yourself an “artsy” photo that makes everyone look good. It’s a win-win situation.

There are those who scoff at Instagram, calling it “just another social networking site.” Little do they know what they’re missing out on because it’s so much more. There’s a reason the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words” is so true and famous. Instagram is communication solely through photo, and that is why it has been so compelling to the masses, including myself. Instagram allows the ordinary individual to become the next Ansel Adams or Annie Lebovitz with the application of a simple filter and a few effects. It becomes as simple as the press of a button to share something beautiful with friends. And perhaps that is the draw that both Facebook and Twitter do not have (well Facebook will I guess as they smartly purchased Instagram awhile ago and will no doubt fold it into Facebook in some cool way in the future). Instagram is the capturing of moments, pictures that are often humorous or poignant but always better than the original. With Instagram, we are all professionals.

Personally, I use Instagram for a variety of things. Mostly I creep around to see what’s going on with the friends and family I follow. A picture gives a lot away—where you are, the people you’re with and what you’re doing.  My friends and I take pictures of literally everything from each other, food, sunsets or funny moments. “Instagram it!” has become a favorite phrase among my friends, which goes to show how much we use the app (a.k.a A LOT).  There’s no point to Instagram besides taking pictures—it’s pure enjoyment in what other people are sharing without the pressure of 140 characters or all the fuss on Facebook.  Yes it’s just another social network but when in doubt about how to share where I am and with whom…I simply “Instagram it!”

Jerelyn Luther
Teen Insights

Instagram photos courtesy Jerelyn Luther