A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Pinterest could be used for brands which we at Creative Concepts are expanding on every day, but what I didn’t share is how much I am personally loving Pinterest.  As one of 11 million people on Pinterest where 97% are women, I am able to share all things that I love and appreciate from dance (yes, I used to be a dancer) to art (my mother was a curator) to great causes (cause I always want to be able to do more), to fashion, beauty, awesome hair and more.

Here are some of my favorite “pins” from the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy!


“Love the lip color”
From my Beauty board via Kate @wit + delight


“Learn to dance your very best dance!”
From my Inspirations board via Amoeba.com


“Our motto at Creative Concepts”
From the Creative Concepts, What We Do Board via Jennifer McWilliams


“Clean water in rural Honduras via cleanwater.org (photo: Stan Patyrak)”
From my Good Causes board via Charitywater.org


“Beautiful hair by Shai Amiel”
From my Awesome Hair board via Melody McCloskey


“Drawing by Kathe Kollwitz”
From my Work of Art board via drawdrawdraw


“Pongua Falls Vietnam”
From my Places I’d Like To Go board via Shelley Risk

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