Every month, we are going to feature content that we have created for our clients.  Today we are sharing a blog post we wrote for client Ecover about their Green Closet project which is all about keeping your fashion choices and your closet green for the long term.  This post included a contribution from our very own Creative Concepts blog contributor Susan Wagner.  Enjoy!


Ecover’s Secret About A Green Closet: How You Launder Your Clothes Matters More Than What You Buy. Yes, really!


You want to do the right thing, and you want to look good doing it! That’s what the Green Closet is all about:  Ecover knows that buying environmentally sound clothing is important; buying less and caring for your clothes well are just as important if not more so as we mentioned here.

Susan Wagner, fashion blogger from The Working Closet, advises us to take your green closet quotient up a notch by following these tips to a more eco-friendly laundry room:

Skip the Washer. Hand washing uses less water and less electricity. You can hand-wash anything, not just delicates; fill a large sink (kitchen sink is fine) with cold water and Ecover’s Delicate Wash and toss in your tees and shorts.  Squeeze garments gently to work water and detergent through; soak for 3-5 minutes. Rinse until water runs clean and gently squeeze dry.

Skip the Dryer. Yep, we know that it’s not always practical to hand-wash — some days, the mountains of laundry demand that you turn on the washing machine. But do the planet — and your clothes — a favor by air or line-drying your laundry. The dryer is the single biggest source of wear and tear for your wardrobe — the motion and heat break down the fabric. Where do you think all that lint comes from? To keep line-dried clothes soft, add Ecover’s Fabric Softener in the wash cycle too!

Skip the Landfill. Ecover in the laundry room means helping save the planet even after the laundry’s done: Ecover’s PlantPlastic bottles are made from sugarcane and are 100% renewable, reusable and recyclable. And if you choose Ecover’s Laundry Liquid (either fragrance-free ZERO or Sunny Day) you’ll use less detergent in each load, which means fewer bottles in the first place. Perfect!

Curate a wardrobe that you love and then care for it with the best possible products and practices – that’s a truly green closet!

And remember we want to hear your green closet tips so please use #greencloset on your tweets, Facebook updates and blog entries so we can all be included in the same eco fashion conversation!

Image by Maegan via flickr.com