title tags

In our previous post, we discussed SEO tips for public relations and outlined what exactly search engine optimization is and why it is important. Here are a few tips to improve SEO on your website, blog and social media channels.


  • Make sure your title tag, description and keyword meta tags are filled out and include your company name as well as industry keywords that people would search to find your business.
  • Add pages to your website that describe your products and services in detail as well as what markets you target and how you are able to solve problems in each industry.
  • If you don’t already have an online newsroom, add one and be sure to keep it updated with news, events, awards from your company.


  • Use a search-friendly blog content management system like WordPress.
  • Utilize tags and create categories for your blog using topics and keywords relevant to your industry.
  • Reference your marketing materials library and repurpose content into blog posts, educating and helping your readers.
  • Install SEO plug-ins and be sure to fill in the title, description and keywords in the plug-in for each post.
  • Use images with your blog post. Use a keyword for the file name. Add in descriptive alt text to help it appear in image search.

Social Media

  • Make sure your profiles are complete with images and descriptions. Use keywords and include website address and easy ways to contact your company.
  • Share information that is relevant to your industry but not always about your business. Avoid sales pitches. Think education.
  • Monitor your accounts and answer questions and issues within a reasonable timeframe.

By learning a little more about search engine optimization and making a few tweaks, you will ensure that people will find your business when they are looking for it.

Here are a few great resources to learn about SEO:

Jenny Munn, an SEO blogger, copywriter and trainer, offers SEO tips and recently published a new DIY SEO Workbook.

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