ID-10075379Google Plus is a relatively new social network that brands and companies have not yet fully embraced. With more than 1.15 billion users and 201 million active mobile users, Google Plus is certainly a network worth noting.

In November, Nielsen reported the Google Plus site had 29 million visitors who spent an average seven minutes on it, while the app had 41 million visitors who spent 11 minutes.

While it doesn’t have the numbers of Facebook (128 million users on its website and 108 million on phones), Google Plus provides a platform for personal and business use including Hangouts for video communication and the ability to share photos. Various smaller interest groups find that Google Plus Communities allow for communicating privately based on interests such as photography, technology and other topics.

Some folks argue that Google will benefit the most from Google Plus due to the centralized login for all of its properties such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus and more. Although Facebook collects lots of consumer personal information and interests for advertisers, Google can connect the dots on someone’s digital life through a variety of their products such as their email contacts, video preferences, map usage, G+ interests as well as web sites visited on the Google ad network.

Some companies are simply on Google Plus to boost their search engine visibility.

That said, the following infographic from wearesocial shows that 70% of the top interbrands are using Google Plus. Whether the network will be successful remains to be seen, although many brands and businesses are starting to embrace it.

Is your company on Google Plus? Why or why not?



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