ID-10088341According to an article on, SEO is dead.

How so? The changes in Google’s algorithm have reduced the importance of keywords and PageRank, among other things.

Their new secure search removed keyword data so companies no longer know what keywords people use to find their site. That is one downside from the changes.

“In short, Google is doing a brilliant job of pushing people away from tactical¬†SEO¬†behavior and toward a more strategic approach.” – Eric Enge, Search Engine Watch.

In their latest algorithm changes, it appears the Google is no longer rewarding websites based on strictly tactical measures. Digital marketers need to be more strategic with their optimization efforts.

It is imperative that you research what your target audience is looking for. Explain how your product/service can solve their problems. Provide great content on your website and communicate this information through social and digital channels.

The main idea of SEO focuses on providing a great user experience. It’s about them, not us.

SEO is not dead after all. It is simply growing up.


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