ID-10061287Instagram recently released a Windows phone app which makes it now available on the top three mobile OS platforms. By offering a Windows phone app, Instagram increased its possible reach by 10.2%.

Although the Windows app has been criticized for its lack of video support, the rollout still offers brands the potential to reach a larger segment of its customers.

PR News wrote a few PR tips to improve returns on Instagram. Sure, the social network is difficult for brands to penetrate due to links not being allowed, among other things, but some brands are thriving.

Here are a few tips from PR News:

  • Every picture should tell a story. Tell your brand’s story or one of your customer’s. Make sure your images connect with your audience. Get creative. How are you involved with your community? Show behind the scenes activities or highlight a partner or customer.
  • Actively participate in Instagram. Engage with your followers. Learn what they like and share the love. Create a board for your fans’ posts.
  • Be real, be authentic and have fun. In an age where social platforms are being purchased and ads are appearing in streams, brands that are authentic and real will have the most success.

Wondering what photos drive the most engagement on Instagram? Business Insider reports the following findings from a new survey from social media analytics firm Curalate:

  • Images with a high degree of lightness generate 24% more likes than darker images.
  • Images with a vast amount of background space generate 29% more likes than those without.
  • Images with a single dominant color generate 17% more likes than images with multiple colors.
  • Images with low saturation levels generate 18% more likes than those with more vibrant colors.
  • Images with high levels of texture generate 79% more likes than those without.

Also be sure to incorporate hashtags for people searching topics related to your brand.

As with other social networks, discover what works for your brand by trying different ideas, finding what works and connecting with your core audience.

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