pose fashion social networkI recently came across Pose, a trendy fashion-based social network, while doing research. Pose, a Pinterest-looking social network for fashion lovers boasts 1.5 million users and has been billed the Instagram of the fashion world. The start-up launched in 2011 and provides the fashion industry and fashionistas with a social site all their own.

Pose users post images and videos of outfits, makeup, beauty and shopping finds. They can save favorites on Pinterest-like boards called Collections. Outfits are tagged similar to hashtags by type, brands and prices. Since September 2012, Pose users can find and even purchase select fashion items.

By offering links to retail sites, Pose users can earn a little affiliate cash if a follower makes a purchase and Pose gets a small percentage as well. Pose is also looking to monetize through advertising.

Pose offers more platforms than Instagram with sharing on apps through iPhone, iPad, and Android as well as the web and Facebook. Pose encourages sharing on many social networks for users to share their style finds with friends.

What’s interesting is that some fashion bloggers have both Instagram and Pose accounts and have found a greater following on the Pose network. The numbers show that there is a market for a targeted social network that does not appeal to everyone.

Pose is an up and coming social network in the fashion industry. And for companies that are in beauty and fashion markets, it is certainly a site to watch.

Image via The Trendera Files Weekly