ID-10091960The 6th Annual Oriella Digital Journalism Study by the Oriella PR Network, an alliance of PR agencies, recently polled over 500 journalists in 15 countries about their digital media use and outlook.

‘The New Normal for News’ report finds digital media prevalent in all countries, with more respondents citing they believe their largest readership is online rather than offline.

The study found:

  • 39 percent consider themselves “digital first” – they publish news as it happens rather than waiting for the next print issue.
  • 59 percent are now tweeting in 2013 vs. 47 percent in 2012.
  • 50 percent say they are measured by the number of unique views their articles receive online.
  • 49 percent publish video they shoot in-house.
  • Social media and blogs are utilized for research.
  • Even with the rise in digital numbers, 40 percent of respondents feel that print media has more prestige.



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