potluck_branchIn June, the New York-based startup Branch Media, Inc. launched Potluck, a new link sharing social network. Branch Media, backed by Twitter founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone among others, has social star power and provides an intimate content sharing network.

An estimated 86% of internet users never tweet, blog or post videos. Potluck aims to bring out these silent web lurkers and provide what they have dubbed “the greatest house party on the internet.” Potluck is a place to discover new things “your friends think are cool, that you wouldn’t find otherwise.”

The site entices you to hang out with your friends and people they know. The focus of the network is more on the content and links and less on the people posting. This “reduces anxiety by taking the emphasis off individual people and places it on the common interests that bring them together.”

The site has the following features: posts, friend activity, rooms, notifications and profiles. Potluck for iOS will be available in the next few weeks.

Branch is a new business-focused platform for hosting and publishing invite-only conversations. Branch has been used by publications, brands and public figures. 

Image via The Verge