StateofNewsMedia-promo_260x260Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalist (PEJ) recently released the 10th Annual State of News Media Report. The findings of the report reflect the fundamental shift from traditional to digital news consumption.

Newspapers are operating at partial staffs with limited resources. Newsroom employment is down 30 percent since a boost in 2000 and is below 40,000 people for the first time since 1978. Newsweek has shuttered its print edition and gone digital. Time survived, but is having its own staff cutbacks. The end result? The quality of news reporting has declined and the public has taken notice.

One-third of consumers polled have dropped their previously preferred news outlets because they no longer offered in-depth news they had gotten used to. More than a quarter of Americans (27%) now get news on mobile devices, and for the vast majority, this is increasing news consumption.

Brands and organizations have also become web savvy – using digital technology and social media on their own, removing the middlemen in the traditional media. They are connecting with their audiences directly using inbound and outbound online strategies.

News organizations are struggling to remain relevant while brands and businesses are creating their own content and going straight to the consumer. It is an interesting time. See Pew’s Infographic below on the study results. How has your organization adapted?



Image via Pew Research Center.