pr tips for getting media coverageBusinesses face many challenges while building, supporting and marketing a product or service. In the face of major competition, finding ways to stand out remains a priority. Getting publicity is one of those ways to stand out and set your business apart from the rest.

Media Leaders recently hosted a Google Plus hangout and asked PR professionals at over a dozen companies to share some of their best public relations tips that they use to get press for their company and/or clients.

Here is a summary of the public relations tips that were shared:

  • Have a story to tell. Journalists are easier to reach these days but you still need to get their attention. Have a hook and tell your story. 
  • Focus on a small group of media outlets. Usually companies have a small pool of journalists who cover their industry. Create your hit list and get to know them. Read their blogs, follow them on social media. Become a source and offer help even if your company doesn’t directly benefit.
  • Form an alliance with a technology partner. Sharing success stories with your technology partner can improve chances that your story is picked up. Show how you and the tech partner helped a business solve a problem. Share the story on both of your websites and through your channels.
  • Ask for permission. One agency found success through asking permission to send pitches for start-up clients. Once they found out journalist preferences, they saw higher engagement and ultimately more success.
  • Use LinkedIn InMails. If your company subscribes to LinkedIn, utilize the InMails to send a short pitch to your target media. Customize the pitch to that person. Don’t send all of the details – if they are interested, they will respond.
  • Send mail. Since most people are online, there is less snail mail being sent. Try sending a pitch through the US mail.
  • Use video. Share informational snippets and create a YouTube account. Use keywords in your description and send links in your email signature.
  • Research incoming links. Find out who is linking to your website and your competitors’ websites by using a tool like Majestic SEO. Discover what your competitors are doing in PR and stay informed.

For more useful tips and a video highlight, check out “Getting Press 14 Public Relations Tips for Brands & Small Businesses.”

What tips do you have to share for getting press?

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