content google lovesContent is all the rage theses days in marketing and public relations circles.

Producing and publishing relevant online content for your business is no small task.

The key is to be sure your content is search-friendly. Write for your audience and use phrases that they would search if they were researching a topic in your industry.

Once you create search friendly content, publish it out through lots of channels like your website, blog, social channels, newsletter, and more. If you work with dealers, partners or a channel, be sure to include them in your publishing mix. Provide your information for their communications efforts and they can share through their networks.

Creating content on a regular basis is no small task. It is important to offer compelling, continual information on a regular basis that will help your buyers find you when they are looking for your type of business or service.

Jeff Foster from WebBizIdeas recently wrote an extremely informative article “17 Types of Content that Google Will Eat Up” on MarketingProfs. He lists many ideas for content creation that are helpful for any business.

Here is a sample of the list:

  • Interviews – Interview experts and share their insights. Use social media as a way to poll experts.
  • Lists – Everyone loves a list. David Letterman’s Top 10 List is always fun and fresh. Create one of your own.
  • Polls and surveys – Research and opinions are always newsworthy. Create an infographic with results and share.
  • News – Be one of the first to break your industry news online.
  • Case studies – Your customers are your strongest asset. Show how you helped solve their problems.
  • Opinion pieces – Take a stance on an issue and voice your opinion.
  • Predictions – You are an expert in your field. Talk about trends you are seeing and share online.
  • Contests – Create a social promotion where users upload images or caption a photo. Google loves interactive contests.

There are so many creative ways to share information that is useful and relevant. Start small at once or twice a month and you will find it gets easier filling your content marketing calendar.

Check out Jeff’s video as well as presentation to learn more about content creation that Google loves.

Infographic via WebBizIdeas