This is my first blog entry for Creative Concepts, a pr and marketing firm specializing in finding the answers for small to medium sized companies who need help with their pr and marketing efforts or for large companies who need a fresh point of view. 

One of the services we provide is a blogging service.  You must be asking how that is possible when this is only my first entry.  Well, I have blogged for quite some time now through which is focused on event planning and other cool news items in the entertainment world.  We, at Creative Concepts, also have a blogging expert, Sabine Kirstein,, who helps each client with the technical aspects of blogging.  In addition to my pr/marketing support and Sabine’s technical support, we have a blog designer who only designs blogs.  This is very important in the corporate arena where branding is being lost on the blogs.  We feel that not only are the words important but the visual is as well.

 For more information about Creative Concepts, please email (our website is being reworked so check back later for the site that will tell you everything about Creative Concepts, LLC)