It’s Columbus Day here in the US, and that means some people are taking a moment to reflect on our country’s history.  Whether or not Columbus truly “discovered” America is debatable, but one thing’s for sure: he must have been thrilled when he found it for the first time!  Wouldn’t you be?  A whole new world, filled with new opportunities… which other people outside his social circle just happened to have known about for years.

This got us thinking about celebrating a different discovery…

Last week, Arik Hanson cited the blog of our client, Bigelow Tea, as one of 4 examples of corporate blogs that set the bar high for branded communications.  We were thrilled for Bigelow Tea’s blog to have been “discovered,” because we invest a lot of time and effort into helping Bigelow produce a blog that they — and we — can truly be proud of.

And even if others have known about the blog long before Arik did, that doesn’t change the way Arik must have felt when he discovered a great blog that was “new” to him.

The web is filled with new information every day, but it’s also filled with endless archives of content that might not be knew to its creators or its intended audience, but which feels new every time it’s discovered by someone else.

Are you creating content that people will be thrilled to discover?

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