Pinterest, the virtual online pinboard site, announced on November 14, 2012 that businesses can have pins of their very own on the site. Until this date, businesses signed up like any other Pinterest user, creating boards and pins based on specific topics.

The new Pinterest for Business Pages offers a way to convert existing accounts to business accounts without having to start over. By onboarding businesses with tips, tricks and a new set of terms, businesses on Pinterest can easily make the switch with expert guidance from Pinterest.

Pinterest for Business Pages offers tools such as verifying your business website, getting new buttons and widgets to share on your site, case studies and best practices from key brands and new guides and documentation for the Pin It and Follow buttons as well as how to use the Pinterest brand in marketing materials.

“Recently, Pinterest hit the ComScore Top 50 Websites in the US with just over 25.3 million visitors in the month of September.” – Search Engine Journal

Pinterest also launched secret boards last week allowing users to privately create three boards per account. Whether its a holiday gift list or ideas for a surprise party, Pinterest users can now keep ideas to themselves until they are ready to go public.

How are you using Pinterest?

Image via PC