Welcome to the first work week of 2011!

Before you dive headfirst into your lengthy list of New Year’s resolutions, we here at Creative Concepts would like to offer a word of advice about setting goals for this (or any) new year:

Focus on results, not on numbers.

With 52 weeks ahead of you, it can be tempting to set goals for yourself that involve all kinds of numerical feats, like…

  • Improving your web traffic
  • Boosting your search results
  • Increasing your inbound links, or your number of media mentions
  • Doubling your number of Facebook friends or Twitter followers

… and so on.

And while each of these occurrences would be a boost to both your business and your brand’s reputation, they’re also merely the measurable by-product of a more important goal: doing your job well.

If you create compelling content, your traffic will increase.

If people are talking about you, your search results will improve and your media mentions will grow.

If you become vital in the lives of others, they’ll want to friend and follow you.

So yes, by all means, set big goals for 2011.  Aim for the stars.

Just make sure you’re judging your success in terms of quality, not quantity.

Image by Ross Websdale