Taylor Felt Music

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We met singer/songwriter Taylor Felt during a concert that featured amazingly talented young musicians who donated their time to raise money for the tragedy in Newtown. Taylor opened the show.

We got to know this budding celebrity and between our experience in social media and marketing and the demand that all performers have a strong and vibrant online and offline presence, a fantastic partnership was created.  Below is a numbered timeline with our branding and social media story that matches the numbers in the slideshow to your right:

  1. Our founder, Valorie Luther, met Taylor Felt while producing Concert for Newtown.
  2. The first visual step for building a brand is designing a logo and a “look,” and that we did.  Taylor’s brand is young, interesting, and it features Taylor’s favorite color, purple.
  3. Taylor’s Facebook page had been created but not developed so we branded it and worked closely with Taylor to add content that highlights Taylor as a person and as a musician while appealing to young fans nationally and internationally.
  4. Twitter is a must if you are a musician and so we have developed this community too.
  5. Instagram has proven to be yet another way for Taylor to reach fans successfully.
  6. While all of the social media was growing, we built a branded website that told Taylor’s story and shared her talents.  LA and NYC are where the top visitors come from while many others come from around the world to hear Taylor sing her songs.
  7. And a sweepstakes featuring #TaylorsPicks has proven to be both fun and successful in growing her followers on all channels.
  8. We love Taylor because she has big dreams for the future. This is a pillow that sits on her bed every day that not only reminds her to keep reaching for the stars but inspires her to help others to do the same!