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When we first started working with Ouidad, they had no social media presence to speak of so we joyfully helped this curly hair product company jump into blogging, Facebook, on the street videos and more.  Note that the itemed numbers below correlate to the gallery to your right.

1. Ouidad wanted a blog that would help create a conversation among their passionate consumers.  Creative Concepts built a branded blog that was seamless with their website plus we helped grow the blog community by connecting with beauty and fashion bloggers while supporting the site with relevant, instructional and entertaining content.

2. In addition to building the blog community, Ouidad wanted a vibrant fan page on Facebook so we helped to design an About tab and a Shop tab to make it easier for Ouidad’s “fans” to find what they were looking for.  We also created a tab just for sample giveaways which was a big hit which allowed the page to grow rapidly.

3. As a short term project we increased Ouidad’s Twitter community by running a sweepstakes monthly while generating content focused specifically for this online community.

4. We have had lots of fun producing a variety of videos for Ouidad.  From hitting the streets of New York City to featuring kids and their curly hair, the videos are both educational and entertaining and have been a successful tool in broadening the reach of the Ouidad brand.

5. Ouidad was eager to partner with the very funny and wildly successful mom blogger and author, Scary Mommy, so we created a photo contest that could appeal to both Facebook communities.  Between hundreds of curly hair photos submitted from both Ouidad and the Scary Mommy Facebook pages to the public and judges voting, both Ouidad and Scary Mommy got some great exposure and one lucky winner got a nice prize which was a visit to New York City and a chance to meet Scary Mommy at her book launch which took place at the exclusive Ouidad salon on 57th Street.  A great time was had by all, online and off!