Kidville Westport

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We were very excited when Kidville Westport called us to help them with their Grand Opening!  As a successful franchise started in New York City, we not only wanted to follow headquarters’ steps for success but we also wanted to draw on our own public relations and social media experience which we did as we called on our local media contacts to get the buzz going. With only a few months to prepare for Kidville Westport’s big event, we did the following:

  1. Creative Concepts supported Kidville Westport by getting their Facebook page going with educational and promotional content so we could access the local parenting community quickly.
  2. We developed strategic relationships with local mom bloggers that would be valuable to Kidville Westport for both the short and long term.
  3. We wrote, distributed and followed up on the Kidville Westport Grand Opening press release and media alert in order to generate media coverage which culminated in over 20 mentions in Westport, CT press which included a TV feature the day of the event.  We then followed up with post press images and messaging in order to keep the buzz going.

With over 200 families registering for memberships and/or classes and over 500 attendees at the Grand Opening, the partnership between Creative Concepts and Kidville Westport was a successful one!