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Ecover came to us wanting more exposure in the U.S.  For more than thirty years the company had been a leader in creating effective and sustainable cleaning solutions for homes throughout Europe. When Creative Concepts was hired to help support all social media efforts,  the time had come for the United States to get in on the secret called Ecover.  Please note that itemed numbers below correspond to the gallery to your right.

1. In our first step for Ecover, we created a blog filled with SEO rich content about the brand as well as broader information about sustainability and more general content on how to make smarter lifestyle choices which brought a rich community of readers (and product users) to Ecover.

2. The next logical choice for Ecover for exposure was Facebook.  Creative Concepts branded the page and provided content about Ecover as well as featuring content from others in the community which included blog excepts, tweets and Facebook updates from loyal supporters of the brand.  We supported and promoted free sample giveaways as well as monthly sweepstakes campaigns that were targeted to the Ecover demo.

3. When we started working with Ecover, they had already started to build the Ecover twitter community.  We jumped off that platform and expanded the community.

4. Thousands of eco-focused consumers knew about the high quality products from Ecover but the brand wanted to reach the “everyday person” who was concerned about the environment but didn’t actively seek out sustainable products.  Creative Concepts built and grew the Green Closet project which was all about fashion 360 degrees: are you buying sustainably made clothes? are you buying high quality clothes and reusing them (instead of constantly buying new clothes)? are you taking care of your clothes with sustainable products (Ecover products, hand washing vs. dry cleaning…)?  With this concept, we built a Green Closet team of well respected fashion designers, eco stylists and authors who promoted the Green Closet concepts during events and media interviews.  Ecover was able to reach a new consumer which equaled a success for the brand.

5. Ecover wanted to get more brand exposure and reach a younger demographic by celebrating their 30th anniversary, so we came up with the 30 under 30 contest where we searched for 30 innovators under 30 years old who were making a difference in sustainability either in their local community or in the world at large.  Both the public and our judges voted for their top choice after the top 30 finalists were determined.  It all culminated in a successful well attended event in NYC which honored the finalists and the judges and announced the grand prize winner.  Mick Bremans, CEO of Ecover at the time, was present to greet everyone and put a face behind Ecover.  An all-around success for everyone!

6. Ecover wanted to build their newsletter database which Creative Concepts did through the use of social media and public relations campaigns.  Taking our suggestions and running with them, Ecover sent out a newsletter that provided the reader with company news and promotions, ecological cleaning tips and featured fans.  We also suggested that Ecover create an opportunity for the reader to link to the website and the blog for more information which we did via the newsletter header toolbar that linked back to the website and the right sidebar which linked back to specific content on the blog.  Creative Concepts not only designed the newsletter but also provided original and exclusive content for the Ecover newsletter recipients which provided just one more chance to touch the customer successfully.

7. As always we believe in sending out branded press releases which grabs the eye a bit more and helps with future brand recognition.  We have had a higher rate of opens with our branded releases!