Bigelow Tea

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Bigelow Tea has been our client and friend since 2005!  From a simple blog to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more, Bigelow Tea has embraced social media from its inception which gives a birds eye view on how Cindi Bigelow, CEO, runs this successful family run business.  Innovation and staying close to the customer is what makes the Bigelow brand a favorite among tea drinkers world wide.  Take a look at what we do to help support Bigelow Tea.  Note the numbered items correlate to the numbers in the gallery to your right.

1. The Bigelow Tea blog was originally created to be identical to the packaging of the first tea that Ruth Campbell Bigelow created in her kitchen, “Constant Comment.”  After the Bigelow Tea website was updated, though, we then updated the look of the blog with a header and tool bar that syncs with the website.  The blog is filled with SEO rich content supported by Creative Concepts featuring wellness studies, celebrity tea highlights, Bigelow Tea recipes, company news and more.

2. The Bigelow Tea Facebook page has become an important channel used to reach the Bigelow Tea customer.  We have built this branded fan page around the wishes of the Bigelow Tea consumer and as a result of providing amazing images, timely tea information and lots of sweepstakes and free samples, the fans keep coming back for more.  A 200k plus community with high interactivity are the hallmarks of this social media channel which are fueled by a true partnership between Bigelow Tea’s highly responsive consumer service department coupled with the strategy and content support from Creative Concepts.

3. Creative Concepts helps to support the Bigelow Tea Twitter channel with strategy and content.  This online community continues to grow through a responsive Bigelow consumer service team that answers questions and talks directly with the passionate tea community.

4. Pinterest is another social network where the Bigelow Tea customer feels very much at home and because of this, Creative Concepts, in partnership with Bigelow Tea, has built a branded profile that shares family and company history and news while celebrating all that is tea!

5. The Bigelow Tea Instagram profile is the newest social media property which is growing rapidly due to a younger audience and their passion for tea.  With #bigelow building to over 5000 images, we catch up daily on this social network’s daily tea habits.

6. Strategic partnerships are a great way to share the excitement of Bigelow Tea’s 170 flavors.  At Creative Concepts we have worked closely, on behalf of Bigelow Tea, with a few key sites and bloggers to find a win/win situation for all.  Eat At Home was an example of a successful collaboration.  The site’s owner created an original recipe using Bigelow Tea’s “Constant Comment” and then shared it with her thousands of followers.  We in turn featured this Eat At Home chef on the Bigelow channels as Fan of the Month.  Exposure to a whole new very interactive community equaled success for Bigelow Tea!

7. Cindi Bigelow has been the face of Bigelow Tea with the fun and educational videos on YouTube that feature construction workers, making the perfect cup of tea, Wally the Green Monster and more.  Please go to our video portfolio to see more Tea-V.

8. Sending out press releases featuring new products and/or the latest Bigelow Tea news to interested media is a constant mission for Bigelow Tea.  While a simple press release was reaching some of the media, we felt it was important to reach everyone so we created this visually appealing branded press release.  Not only does the release capture more attention now, but we can better track the media who open this document so we can follow up quickly on that interest.  To see more Bigelow Tea press releases, please visit our News section.

9. Sports have been a big part of growing the Bigelow Tea business!  From Joe Torre, Phil Simms, and Terry Francona to Wayne Gretzky, they have all made their mark on the company (and tea industry) by creating greater exposure for the brand, so harnessing the buzz of Big Game Sunday 2012 was a natural step to take.  We created a fantastic sweepstakes for New York and New England fans offering signed footballs and helmets as well as tea chests filled with none other than Bigelow Tea.  Once the sweepstakes was ready to begin on the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, we created ads and website skins (as shown here) for ESPN, CBS Boston and more to help spread the word.  Who knew that tea and sports went so well together?