How To Reach Potential Customers Online


A client had an established social media presence and was doing public relations when there was a new product to be announced but the question was how do you reach the people not coming to visit the client sites and not paying attention to articles in newspapers and magazines…potential customers who don’t know about the brand?


Creative Concepts suggested building strategic partnerships with successful well established sites and bloggers who had an interest in the client’s products knowing that if they promoted our client, they would also be promoting themselves, a win/win for all.  Many sites ask a sponsor or partner brand to purchase banner ads which was not our intention.  We wanted to create a campaign that would not only be fun for the other site’s community but also in line with how that community communicates.  Each community interacts differently so it took research to not only find the right partner site but time and listening skills to work out the details with the partner so that we truly were able to leave a lasting impression and ultimately find new customers for our client.


The client was thrilled with not only the reach we were able to achieve but also excited about the new customers coming to their website to buy products.  Here are specifics:

  • We planned and executed a co-branded sweepstakes that existed on our client’s Facebook page and the partner’s Facebook page which generated over 15k submissions.
  • We shared content between our sites that both communities enjoyed which resulted in over 300k page views.
  • Our client was featured in the partner’s newsletter which garnered 44k views.
  • Our client CEO was a featured guest on the partner’s monthly twitter chat which resulted in over 58m views from the partner’s twitter profile.
  • Success!