Well, we have just completed our 2nd annual Business Smart Tools conference which took place May 15th in Stamford.  Based on my own personal opinion and the opinion of countless attendees, speakers and demo companies, it was a huge success on many levels.  I believe we hit every nerve so to speak.  First there was lunch, then demo companies who showed off very powerful products and/or services, then there were the speakers who talked about everything from the new media business basics to Second Life, and then cocktails that lead to lots of networking.

This conference is geared specifically for the business person.  We cover what works and what doesn’t for business.  We had many big companies: Xerox, GM, GE….some attendees wanted to see more from small and medium sized companies.  I agree with that but the only problem is those companies either don’t have a budget to get out and speak or they just aren’t in the space yet.  The big companies have the budget which allows them to jump into social media endeavors and create success stories and to make mistakes…we heard all about both sides.  This is a shout out to all midsize and small companies who want to share their social media/internet marketing stories next year!

We will post a few video clips on the site along with any powerpoint presentations that the speakers shared with us.

Keep your eye on the site, www.BusinessSmartTools.com, for news about this year and updates about next.