Well between working on the conference and managing clients, we have been busy but happy.

The most exciting client news is that Bigelow Tea has a myspace profile.  We discovered that the 2nd highest referring source to the Bigelow Tea website was myspace and so we wanted those already on myspace to have a Bigelow destination.  Between the groups/forums, announcing events and just getting to know new people, it has been a joy and well, a little addictive!  We look forward to welcoming many more into the Bigelow online community.

Now news about the Business Smart Tools Conference.  As I was reworking the agenda for about the millionth time yesterday, I got this rush of excitement.  Outside of organizing this event and be involved on that level, I couldn’t wait to attend the conference.  Panels/Speakers will speak about Trends, Past and Future, New Media Business Basics, Corporate Video for a YouTube Era, Second Life, a Virtual Existence for Business and The Real Story, Does New Media Work for Business featuring GE, Xerox, Economist.com and GM.

Now with a light lunch and a networking cocktail party to follow, it doesn’t get any better than this!!

Go to www.BusinessSmartTools.com to register….space is filling up!