Business Smart Tools Conference and more!

Well between working on the conference and managing clients, we have been busy but happy.

The most exciting client news is that Bigelow Tea has a myspace profile.  We discovered that the 2nd highest referring source to the Bigelow Tea website was myspace and so we wanted those already on myspace to have a Bigelow destination.  Between the groups/forums, announcing events and just getting to know new people, it has been a joy and well, a little addictive!  We look forward to welcoming many more into the Bigelow online community.

Now news about the Business Smart Tools Conference.  As I was reworking the agenda for about the millionth time yesterday, I got this rush of excitement.  Outside of organizing this event and be involved on that level, I couldn’t wait to attend the conference.  Panels/Speakers will speak about Trends, Past and Future, New Media Business Basics, Corporate Video for a YouTube Era, Second Life, a Virtual Existence for Business and The Real Story, Does New Media Work for Business featuring GE, Xerox, and GM.

Now with a light lunch and a networking cocktail party to follow, it doesn’t get any better than this!!

Go to to register….space is filling up!