Our client, Ouidad, has been helping women take control of their curls for over 25 years.  After one mind-blowing appointment, when they finally see how great their hair can look, many of these women say “I wish I’d known all about this when I was younger!”

So, naturally, we helped Ouidad find a way to scale their hair care tips down for kids!  (Or, in this case, for moms, who sometimes feel like a straightening iron or a ponytail is their only recourse for getting the kids to school on time.)

Wondering whether your content might scale to kids and parents?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your brand’s core beliefs / offerings / products?
  • Do the problems your brand solves also occur for kids?
  • How would your products’ implementation change in the hands of kids (or parents)?
  • How could your packaging or marketing change to appeal to kids (or parents)?
  • Are kids (or parents) reachable via your current messaging channels?  If not, where are they reachable — and how would your message need to be adapted?

In Ouidad’s case, their core products solve a universal problem: “How do I look good without taking forever?”  Their products improve their customers’ self-esteem and self-awareness.  And these same needs and impacts are just as valuable (and maybe moreso) to kids and parents.

It helps that Ouidad has a line of KRLY Kids products specifically designed for kids’ hair.  But even if that weren’t the case, the same basic principles of content scaling apply.  Once you’ve identified your brand’s core values, adapting them for kids and parents is a great way to expand your customer base while simultaneously endearing your brand to a whole new generation.

And if your content (and your products) could be useful to children and parents, who else should you be reaching?