So, over August life was too crazy to blog on a regular basis. Between proposals (yes, new media proposals) and vacation with the family, I couldn’t find the time to blog worthwhile entries….so I let it go.

An unexpected experiment took place. I figured that the ones who do follow my blog would disappear into the wild blue yonder never to return. Quite the contrary happened. As I was checking in on my performancing metrics, I noticed that I had more visitors than in the past much to my amazement. I was stunned and happy at the same time for I had discovered something else about blogging.

Here is my conclusion to my experiment (that took place by accident): if you write entries that are filled with interesting subjects and facts, the blog is timeless. Despite dates and times being posted everywhere, general thoughts and conclusions on all kinds of subject matter are searched for and found whether they were written yesterday or 6 months ago. People want information, people are looking for experts on all kinds of subject matter, people want to know things from other people!

Now for those who report on the latest discoveries like Techcrunch, up to date blogging is essential but for blogs like Shel Israel’s Naked Conversations where he investigates, reports and makes conclusions about marketing, pr, new media and more, Shel’s entries are invaluable and timeless…I can almost bet that what he has to say today could teach me a thing or two a year from now.