Had a moment recently to interface with another “PR professional” both in person and via email. He said he wanted to meet to see if we could collaborate in some way, he said he was interested in this amazing social media conference that is going to take place in June (well, ok who wouldn’t right…very cool and smart speakers are coming!), he said he was doing some work for a friend of mine who is running for office….”well, ok” I said. And so after a brief calendar dance, we had the time marked in the books for today at 9:30.

Guess what? He never showed. Should I say poor me after taking the time out of my day to go and meet with him and he didn’t show up?

No, I should say what were you thinking by not reading his blog first?? Not that there was any clue there that he wouldn’t show up, but there were other hints of his personality to forwarn me starting with the title of his blog which alludes to having no purpose and no focal point (in life? for his blog?). After seeing the title of the blog, I immediately jumped to the idea that he had no purpose then with his business…he is a PR professional afterall and I would think that PR people would love to chatter away about their business and all things pertaining to it which could include about a million subjects.

Big mistake on my part for not paying attention cause if he has no purpose with his blog and he is trying to expand his business what makes me think he will hustle to see me for an appointment? If he could miss my appointment, then what about a client? If he can miss a client, then what about deadlines….this could go on and on.

Blogging=life=business opportunities=reputation. Just read an article on blogging from the Boston Globe stating that “Blogs are essential to a good career” and it goes on to say that “blogging creates a network, gets you a job, helps you move up quickly, provides opportunities and makes self employment easier to name a few benefits!” It states that “blogging is the new PR and the new homepage” (I totally agree) but the article advises to “pick your topics carefully and have a purpose.”
Use your blogging to promote yourself and your business or your passion, have a goal, have some energy, make an effort for the big and little things…it will all show through cause a blog shows effort…you can’t get around it! Blogging is a reputation builder.

Just to prove it David Parmet, www.marketingbeginsathome.com, just did his own google search on himself (PR in Stamford, CT) and he came up first before his last 3 employers who are relatively large PR firms in Stamford, CT.

Blogging works but, as in all things in life, come up with a plan and link it to your life and/or your passion and success will follow!