Valorie Luther

Founder and Managing Director

Valorie began her public relations and marketing career in New York City by assisting Roger Martin, a veteran of the trade, with several successful campaigns that led to increased exposure and more business for his high-end hospitality clients.

Later, Valorie became a national sales leader in a well-known consumer company where understanding and responding to the customer’s requirements was the key to her success. In addition to her sales role where within six months she grew to be one of the top ten sales people in the country, Valorie was asked to sit on multiple committees which concentrated on solving various communications and marketing issues.

After leaving the above company and moving to Westchester County, Valorie became General Manager of F.E.M.A.L.E. (Formerly Employed Mothers At the Leading Edge) where, in addition to her management responsibilities, she ran various public relations campaigns which brought much needed attention to the local chapter of this nationally based not-for-profit.

Later as a resident of Fairfield, Connecticut, Valorie founded and became the Director for Women@Work, a unique organization focused on supporting women in their search for their life’s work.  Getting this start-up off the ground required branding work, numerous public relations campaigns, high level programming, management of various marketing events while instituting a board of directors.  Additionally and in this same time period, Valorie also founded Children Helping Children which was a program created in response to the 9/11 tragedy in New York City. Valorie worked within the public school system where the goal was to help children link their curriculum in the classroom to local, national and international outreach efforts helping other children in need. The objective was to bring a sense of understanding and global oneness to local children involved in the program.

After handing over the reigns of Women@Work and Children Helping Children to very capable leadership, Valorie founded Creative Concepts in 2003 which specialized in her passions: public relations, marketing and events and soon after in 2005, social media.  After quickly realizing the power of social media at its inception, Valorie organized, with her Creative Concepts team, the Business Smart Tools Conference which was one of the first ever conferences created to help teach the corporate community how to use social media for business.  With speakers hailing from Ford Motor Company, GE, Hearst, Xerox, The Economist, and more, it was an asset to New York City and beyond and positioned the Creative Concepts team as true social media innovators and experts.

Valorie and her exceptional team at Creative Concepts have successfully used social media, public relations, marketing and events to support all clients who range from the well known Bigelow Tea and Ouidad, to up and coming celeb Taylor Felt, to start up and more. Exceptional customer service, constant innovation both internally and on behalf of the clients, and respect for what has (and has not) worked in the past for each client is just a sliver of what you will find at Creative Concepts.