BED NY and Granville Adams

I have read the latest news about BED NY and Granville Adams.  Granville, a manager at BED, has been accused of criminally negligant homicide.  The story, at least the version in the New York Daily News and Reuters, is that Granville made a comment to a girl in the coat check line…her “man,” Orlando Valle, who was there with her having come off celebrating his 35th birthday (at 4 am), got outraged and a fight ensued.  Supposedly Granville pushed Orlando against the elevator and the doors opened and Orlando fell down the shaft and died.

While I personally wasn’t at BED during this occassion, Creative Concepts was a sponsor and actively involved in the event planning of the TechCrunch NYC party last November which took place at this hot nightclub/restaurant. 

While trying to get all of the details in line for this particular event, we were dealing with the typical shady NYC nightclub characters.  The event manager who didn’t have a lot of experience but came with a fair amount of attitude and the very elusive upper management/owners who were never referred to by name.  When I finally met Granville on the night of the party, I felt great relief.  He was the floor manager and my go to man and appeared to be the only one truly in charge (ever). 

As the night wore on, my gut about Granville was right.  He helped us through every detail of the event.  He was polished, calm and very much on top of the “floor” and very effective at solving any issue that came our way!  Did I say he was calm?  That is what made him so effective…plus he did a lot of hustling to get things done for us.  You could not have asked for better!

That is all I can say about Granville.  There is more to say about the elevator.  While coming to BED to check out the space (this was midday with no club traffic), the elevator was broken down.  Also on the night of the event, the elevator had been worked on most of the day and got up and running just in the nick of time for the party.  The staff said this was a regular occurence.  The air conditioning was also broken that night (this was November…I am sure the system wasn’t overused because of the weather!)…you see a theme of broken down equipment here?  It was easier for BED management to make a quick fix than invest their dollars in making the nightclub safe and comfortable for their patrons.

I wish Granville luck.  For the short time I knew him, I considered him a true professional in a sea of murky waters called BED NY!



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  1. i first met granville when we were in kindergarten together. i knew him up to the 9th grade—he is a good soul—kind, smart & funny. am saddened that this happened and am pretty sure that he was defending himself.


  2. People should not be quick to judge someone that they do not know. Innocent until proven otherwise. Kudos to both of you for standing up for someone else! We need more people like you both in this world! Good luck to you, Granville Adams!

  3. I have known Granville for over fifteen or more.My first encounter with him was as a guest in the clubs and later as one of the first bartenders in the original club Nells.It was a pleasure to know and to be associated with Granville.He was a gentle soft spoken and an extremely warm and friendly person,someone I was delighted to know and to be associated with in and outside of club life.
    I haven’t been intouch with him for a few years but I was always delighted to see and learn of his successes in his career endeavors.
    Granville is a people person one who is incapable of doing harm to anyone.
    I’m deeply saddened by the unfortunate events at Club Bed.My thought and prayers go out to the family of the deceased.
    I wish Granville the best of luck during this very difficult period.I know what he is going through.I wish to send him my love and i’ll be praying for him.

  4. Granville is an ASSHOLE! A few months ago he attacked me and my girlfriend at BED and we are both women. He needs to go to jail and get his ass riped open! It dosn’t matter if your black or white, men or women on one has the right to put their hands on any one. Hope he burns in HELL!!!

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