Just got an email from adoptasky.org. It looked like spam but the subject line interested me, Adopt A Sky Project, so I kept it in my follow up folder only to open it up just recently. The point of the site is to bring attention to saving our environment, more specifically, our air. Startling stats, strong visuals and the possiblity to buy a piece of the sky (on the website) is an unusual and pointed way to bring interest and visitors to the site. Take a look and buy, buy buy (it’s free) so you can save our skies.

Speaking of websites, one of our clients has put out an RFP to redo their website. Instead of creating a website for them, we are working as consultants (our choice) to help them weed through the process. Because of our work, the new (or old, may the best agency win) web developers must provide video capability, a blog (which is already up and running), SEO, and other interactive elements for now and for the future. Nothing too crazy here…you would think this is pretty common stuff at this point but you would also be amazed at how many web developers say they can do it all yet they can’t. Some only know flash so SEO is compromised, some do a great design but the backend is dated the minute the site is live, some know web development and think the blog application is the same but it isn’t…the list goes on and on (trust me, I have experienced this firsthand). With all of the options available on the web, the designers are falling behind (not all of course) and relying on old platforms and non existent stat packages which is not OK.

When shopping for your new website, you must ask for SEO (search engine optimization) in all of its forms, a blog if you have the time, video if you can make it happen and an eccommerce element that is designed well and easy to navigate. The world moves quickly so you have to catch up…that is what our clients are paying us for. Advice, choices that have room to grow and a design that is streamlined with the corporate branding! This is what we provide for our clients!