Social Networks for Business

Online Networking and Recruitment Aids Companies

FAIRFIELD, Conn., October 23, 2007 – “Networking means many things to many people in today’s day and age,” says Valorie Luther, Founder and CEO of Creative Concepts (, a PR, Marketing and Social Media consultancy.  Prior to web 2.0, business networking took place at local organizations, luncheons and cocktail parties where, with drink in hand, you passed out business cards, smiled, and rattled off your 10 second “ad” about what you do and where you do it.  This of course still takes place from professional business groups all the way down to the local chamber of commerce but new to the networking foray are the online social networks that allow you to branch out and communicate with individuals who have the same agenda.  From Linkedin to Facebook, the cocktail–in-hand networkers have transformed themselves into savvy online communicators who reach out to either develop their client base or broaden their corporate team.

Life for Ms. Luther and the Creative Concepts team has quickened considerably through their online efforts.   They have broadened their employee reach through a blog, Linkedin and their Facebook profiles.  “Our team of experts which range from developers to blog writers is second to none thanks to being interactive online,” says Ms. Luther.  “Today the best talent doesn’t just live in one city or one region, and you shouldn’t have to be limited by location when it comes to finding the right employee.  The goal is to find the very best worker for that project or job which is possible through social networks.”

With clients who range the gamut from consumer goods to tech startups with a priority for expanding their client base and bottom-line through online strategies, Creative Concepts has been living in the social networking/web 2.0 world by creating corporate blogs, interacting with various groups within social networks and by producing and distributing videos and more for their customers.   “The transition was very natural: from increasing exposure online for our clients to finding the best employees for ourselves, social networking is no longer for kids! Business has much to gain by jumping on board” exclaims Ms. Luther.