One of the things that I find interesting when I go to other blogs is not only the expertise that the blogger brings to life through blogging but after awhile, it’s the details about their lives that continues to pull me in.

Robert Scoble of course brings a lot of experience and knowledge to his blog….life at Microsoft, having dinner with techie stars and exposing their casual and riveting conversations, reviewing new products that have just come out…but what also brings life to his blog is that Robert mixed personal details into the blog recipe.  We heard about his mother dying and all the steps he took as a son to help her through her last days, we witnessed Robert taking his life apart and assessing what he should be doing as an employee, a father, a husband. 

David Pogue recently did the same thing when mentioning a study on Blackberry users: does using a Blackberry take more or less time away from the family?  I don’t think we got an answer from him but we did get to hear about David’s life and how he works in his attic and when his kids come home, he can hear about their day and how he can make trips to piano class.  By the way this particular study showed that the majority of Blackberry users do get back to their families faster.

I personally feel more connected to these two bloggers and because I feel connected, I trust them more and because I trust them more, then I believe more in what they say.  Call me crazy, but this is how human beings work.  It is word of mouth, it is gut instinct, it is the neighbor theory that you only do business with the person next door, so to speak.  Blogging is our word of mouth and our next door neighbor lives in the U.K. thanks to the internet.

This is why blogs work:  if presented honestly and you reveal who you are, then the readers (potential clients) will trust you and your products more…you have a strong base for when things go wrong with a product or service, you have a strong base for acquiring more clients!

Connection is everything…it always has been and it always will be!

Now I have to run because I have little time to do my work because this is the last day of school and my kids, all 4 of them, will be taking me away from the office for the rest of the day!

Stay connected,

Valorie Luther