Where do you Begin with Social Media


This international company knew that in order to grow their business into the future, they had to understand and “work” the social media channels. They didn’t know where to begin and who to trust to help them.


Creative Concepts first invited this new client to the Business Smart Tools Conference, a conference we ran for a few years that showed companies how to use social media for business. We then moved ahead by personally educating senior level management about all of the online options and opportunities that existed (blogs, social networking, online ads, video, games, mobile and more).

We, the client and Creative Concepts, believed that a blog was the best way for this company to step into the social media “pool,” so we designed a blog that was visually linked to their strong branding and we developed a blogging plan that was in line with their marketing strategies and budget. It was also important to make this blogging project manageable on a day to day basis so we cane up with a schedule that worked with management.


  • Without any formal announcements (that was to come later), the blog had hundreds of new visitors in its first month with 90% of the visitors returning. With links on the blog to various pages on the website, visits to the website were up also.
  • Reporting capability started from day one listing such things as hits on the blog, top cities where readers came from, and top search terms which helped with the further development of the blog entries and website content.
  • Reaching the customer became easier because of being able to directly address positive comments and needs from readers across the web through the comments section of the blog. The only opportunity to address the customer’s needs in the past was though traditional customer service phone calls which, these days, is not being proactive enough.
  • A list has been created of blog readers/supporters so when new products are rolled out, we have a test group already involved in an open conversation with our client.
  • The client now has an interactive arena where the press can learn more about the company’s history, present day story and breaking news.
  • The blog is very manageable because of having a variety of people contribute vs. one person from the company. From the President, to Senior level management, to administrative, many have their hand in the process which produces the whole client story.  Creative Concepts also supports the blog with SEO rich content.
  • Creative Concepts is now helping this client investigate all web options so that the online exploration and growth doesn’t stop. Presently you can find this client on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other smaller social media channels. The discovery and the expansion never stops when creating a community with a common interest in a product, service or belief.