Cause Marketing at its Best


A medium sized well known consumer company needed to find a different way to reach new customers (the “do not call” law had affected their ability to bring in new clients). They also wanted to gain greater exposure in the communities they served.


Creative Concepts listened carefully to the management team who explained their corporate culture and their mission. Because this company had a sound operation and their image was very solid among their present clients, they were ready for a public relations blast which would lead to more exposure and then more new clients.

A “cause” marketing approach (where a brand connects to a cause or not-for-profit) was suggested which would not only fulfill the need for greater exposure for both this company and the not-for-profit they connected with but additionally would allow them to reach out to the local communities in need was in line with their corporate culture.

The client had a division that provided security equipment, installation and monitoring. We connected that division (via a donation of security systems) to a local women’s shelter who aided victims of domestic violence. We called the program “Partnership for Protection.”


The client was overwhelmed by how quickly the positive exposure created a buzz among present clients and interested future customers. The following is a list of positive outcomes for the cause marketing campaign for this client:

  • The company was presented as a major donor at the not for profit’s annual luncheon of 500 people where there was signage and mentions in the speeches and program.
  • Mention of the company also made the not-for-profit’s newsletter with a distribution of 3000 households.
  • Numerous articles were written about this project in all of the local newspapers. Editors were looking for more stories about this company as time went on.
  • A newsletter that the client produces was sent out with their customer’s bill also featured this project which created a stronger allegiance for present clients and produced many referrals.
  • A link on both the client’s website and the not-for-profit’s website generated customer leads.
  • The company was able to fulfill their first goal of greater exposure and their mission to reach out to a community in need.